About Us

Our Beginnings

San Antonio CARES was launched on October 8, 2011. We met Susan Taylor in 2009 and learned about her National CARES Mentoring Movement (NCMM), which has over 58 affiliates across the nation. The San Antonio CARES Mentoring Movement is not a mentoring program, but a movement to recruit able and stable adults to mentor to our children. Though our primary focus is African- American youth, we also recruit for children of all races. We turn no child or mentor away because we know children of other races, particularly our Hispanic brothers and sisters, are suffering right alongside us and need mentors as well.

A Message from Our Founder, Susan Taylor

On behalf of our imperiled young, who are reaching desperately for a lifeline, THANK YOU and bless you for answering their cry for help.

We all understand the miracles of mentoring – that it costs nothing, takes little time and saves lives. All we must do is connect. And our youngsters aren’t the only ones who will benefit. Committing to a higher purpose nourishes our own lives as well. All that our CREATOR is asking of us is that we love and care for one another, starting with the least, most vulnerable among us, our beloved children.

Together, we are the solution to the state of emergency growing numbers of our young people are experiencing. We are their only hope. We need all hands on deck. NCMM is a fast-growing coalition of some of the nation’s most trusted organizations and African American leaders. We are mounting the largest mentor-recruitment movement in the history of the nation, advancing the commitment to service that has been the credo of our fore parents over the centuries. With this commitment we will write a new and glorious history for our people.

I invite you to work together with me, and The San Antonio CARES Mentoring Movement, so we can harness the power and passion of our community and transform the lives of our children.

Susan L. Taylor
Founder and CEO, National CARES Mentoring Movement
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, ESSENCE Magazine

About Our Founders

Tiana S. Clark

Co-Founder, Board Member

Pershama Dailey

Board Member

Mary Fulton-Moore

Chair of the Board

Adaku Okoro

Co-Founder, Board Member

Scott Bridgest, CFE

Treasurer of the Board
Secretary of the Board

Adrian Hicks

Board Member

Brad Hicks

Team Member

Royal Clark III